Yes, yes, laugh it up

Recently, I did some genealogy research on Mroczkowskis, which is to say “I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs at such velocity that the thought ‘I wonder what Google says my name means’ started to seem like a preferable use of my time.”

Poking around, I discovered that the old faithful Polish -ski means “person who comes from.” “Mroczkowski” means “someone who came from Mroczkowa.”

Super useful.

Visit luxurious Mroczkowa, land of a thousand of nothing

So, what does “Mroczkowa” mean? Well, it’s derived from the word “mroczek.”

Great! Fine. What does “mroczek” mean, then?:

“nickname for a person of a gloomy disposition, from Polish mroczek ‘small dark cloud’ (a diminutive of mrok ‘cloud’, also used in the sense ‘gloom’, ‘darkness’).”

Why would anyone from here be in a bad mood?

By the way, “Jim” means “the supplanter; the replacement; the substitute.” I am adopted.

Life is so odd. Thank goodness. Otherwise, what would we do with ourselves?

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